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Nov. 14th, 2017

me in Trafalgar Square

Fed up

Work rubbish, health rubbish, you would think someone who loves me would try and cheer me up but everything is too much effort. He is off tomorrow so I suggested meeting for lunch but that involves effort on his part so he cant be bothered! It is always me sorting out things to do together - cinema, meals for aniversary and valentine's day. For once it would be nice it wasnt so damn one sided!

Aug. 14th, 2017

me in Trafalgar Square


unromantic, unsupportive, insensitive, thoughtless arsehole!

Jul. 27th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

Stephen's 40th

Main pressies and card acquired
book ordered - due 3rd August
badges arrived (ladies)
Tshirts ordered - due 5th August
Meal reserved - 6pm new lanark
need to buy:- wrapping paper, cake, balloon.

Jun. 13th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

Blue Monday

Feeling really low today. Worrying about car and money to pay for it, hating my job but thinking no one else will have me especially in my current condition!, joints are stiff (feel bout 90!), Realising I am in denial re psa but still cant break the cycle, feeling not good enough, usually I distract myself by focusing on Lib Dems or Sam but dont have that (and feeling useless anyway). Maybe distraction isnt best course of action this time... Maybe I need to work on fixing myself but not sure where to start. Feel so alone with this illness. Feel fb group judge me a little for not taking meds. No one else knows what it is like so feel like they just think I am moaning so better to say nothing. Feel like bursting into tears all the time. If this is a test I am failing at the mo.

May. 25th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

2nd times a charm

Saw Daughtry again tonight :) even better! Got No Surprise, band seemed more relaxed, Elvio chatting loads, Sound was better, Chris put hand on heart and mouthed thank you, made us record a video saying we love you Deanna :)

me in Trafalgar Square


Saw Daughtry in Glasgow last night :) wow! Chris' voice just gets better every time I see them!! Started with Go Down & Outta my head which made me very happy! On stage for about 1hr 40mins in total. we got a great mixture of songs. Crowd was really loud :) Chris said he wishes he could scoop us all up and have us front row at every gig :) Towards the end I got really warm and my feet were sore but was so worth it! Going again tonight :) he said they would change it slightly so we will see. In the air tonight once again sounded amazing. I just love how grounded he is! He appreciates everything and doesnt take anything forgranted. He was genuinely happy to be there with us and kept smiling when our singing was loud. He does a great frontman show but underneath he is such a lovely dude still which is refreshing. He thanked us for making them feel like Rock Stars in the UK :) Man I love them so much! Always a brilliant if exhausting gig lol. Can't wait to hear 5th album :)

May. 10th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square


knee not as stiff today! wpndering if it was the omega3 and d3 pills before bed, the bit of walking yesterday or the sunshine..

Apr. 14th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

Feeling down

Feels like everything is getting on top of me today :( So fed up of being stiff and in pain, am worrying about Dad and seriously hating my job! Feels like a never ending cycle of rubbishness. One tiny light at the end of it all would be nice. Am going to try and find things to be grateful for every day and I know there are people far worse off than me but I still feel down. Today I feel grateful for Missy and doctor who audible stories.

Apr. 11th, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

Monday Blues

Only been back a day and feels like I have never been away! Seriously need a new job. Glad I was off last week, it sounded like a nightmare! Working 8:30am-9pm is not the solution lads! If you cared you would find another way, utterly ridiculous. I am now sat on the bus chilling to the passion soundtrack :) home to lovely Miss Miss.

Mar. 23rd, 2016

me in Trafalgar Square

The Passion Live

Watched The Passion Live on Netflix this morning. The production was very well done and the song choices spot on. The emotion came across so well and Tyler Perry was an amazing storyteller. I am a lapsed christian, havent been to church in years but still pray every night. I found myself so caught up in the songs and characters and emotions. Chris Daughtry as judas singing bring me to life and demons was particularly brilliant. He portrayed inner turmoil, despair and regret perfectly. It made me think about my christian values and how important they still are in every day life. I will strive to do better, be honest with myself as well as others and to love my neighbours. Jencarlos as jesus was very believable, charismatic and had a beautiful soul. Stephen always says that I have an intellectual calm, J def does. This production touched me more than I expected it to. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it left me with a yearning to rediscover my faith.

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me in Trafalgar Square

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